Some CSS Adjustments

Been tinkering with adjustments to images floating to the right in content sections. They are now supposed to be vertically aligned with topmost navigation items (roughly) and overflow is set to ‘visible’. For non-tech readers: Any image appearing on the right is now meant to be roughly aligned with the content above and not supposed to be cropped (which it was before).

It’s kind of fun to tinker with these things 😉


Bhutan: Passen tausend Touristen in ein Tigernest? – Reise – FAZ

Ein sagenhaft toll geschriebener Reisebericht. Blumig und doch potent, respektvoll, aber auch durchschauend. Ich bin platt. Schon lange keinen so guten Text mehr gelesen….

Bhutan: Passen tausend Touristen in ein Tigernest? – Reise – FAZ.

Elance – e-Working

Remembered this e-working platform from a while ago. I think, I’ll go and check, whether there might be something suitable for me, while bearing in mind that I can work only 3 hours per day max for the time being. Maybe there’s something of minor length and effort, which I have matching qualifications for. It’s worth a look (and maybe worth a try, too).

“Meat” by Terry Bisson

I’m thinking of registering for an academic program teaching fictional interpretation. Here’s a little snippet I did a while ago. Original sci-fi short by Terry Bisson, translation into the German by my modest self.

Project Westbound

Recently, I found this little Sci-Fi story on Google Plus and that reminded me of my later teen days, when I’d passionately immerse myself in the stories of Isaac Asimov, Stanislav Lem and the likes and kept absorbing their way out ideas.Terry Bisson’s ‘Meat’ is in a class of its own IMHO.

Upon having finished his short story, I would have loved to share it with other readers, in particular peer German G-plussers and also distribute it via Facebook. So I went ahead and contacted Mr. Bisson himself and I’m pleased to report that he gave me a go on this. So here it is: My translation into the German of Terry Bisson‘ short story ‘Meat’.

Sie sind aus Fleisch

“Sie sind aus Fleisch.”


“Fleisch, ja. Sie sind aus Fleisch.”


“Zweifellos. Wir haben mehrere Exemplare von verschiedenen Teilen des Planeten aufgelesen, sie an Bord unserer Raumschiffe genommen…

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Site relocation largely completed!

oFor the past few days, I have reconfigured my domain in order to run it as a wordpress multisite or ‘network‘ as they call it. This means, I get to use my blogs previously – and still simultaneously – hosted on on my own domain This was basically a dress rehearsal for the consideration of (commercially) offering my expertise to other parties. I’m not all sure as to the latter yet, as the effort that went into this was not a small one (at least not initially). And the more activity, the more these sites will come under attack from spammers and robots and botnets and whatnot.

However, for now I’m pleased to find that moving content and adjusting all settings went fairly seemless. All content including media (images, videos, audio) is available, all plugins required to run embedded media are working as well. I’m impressed with how robust and well supported this platform is. My next steps will be to connect the bulk of my social media hangouts to my blogs, so that I get to populate content there from once central location/web nucleus, which is – my wordpress ‘network’. 🙂 I also plan on incorporating and using email lists for semi-regular ‘news blasts’ as well as setting up events and – in the far future – my own download store for music. (that is not set in stone, yet, it’s merely a thought for now). Again: All this follows the idea of optimizing communication as in: Post once, read ‘everywhere’.

Wish me luck! 🙂 And if you happen upon any remaining errors, feel free to drop me a line 😉
Have a great day,