“Meat” by Terry Bisson

I’m thinking of registering for an academic program teaching fictional interpretation. Here’s a little snippet I did a while ago. Original sci-fi short by Terry Bisson, translation into the German by my modest self.

Project Westbound

Recently, I found this little Sci-Fi story on Google Plus and that reminded me of my later teen days, when I’d passionately immerse myself in the stories of Isaac Asimov, Stanislav Lem and the likes and kept absorbing their way out ideas.Terry Bisson’s ‘Meat’ is in a class of its own IMHO.

Upon having finished his short story, I would have loved to share it with other readers, in particular peer German G-plussers and also distribute it via Facebook. So I went ahead and contacted Mr. Bisson himself and I’m pleased to report that he gave me a go on this. So here it is: My translation into the German of Terry Bisson‘ short story ‘Meat’.

Sie sind aus Fleisch

“Sie sind aus Fleisch.”


“Fleisch, ja. Sie sind aus Fleisch.”


“Zweifellos. Wir haben mehrere Exemplare von verschiedenen Teilen des Planeten aufgelesen, sie an Bord unserer Raumschiffe genommen…

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