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pcopyblock.| has successfully completed these projects:

Public Relations

In 2014 I created copy and blog entries for Stefan Aaron’s ongoing project Orange Piano Tour. In particular I wrote and/or translated these entries:

Music Journalism

Travel Journalism

Former TOURS magazine, now Active!: Report on the Big Bend National Park located in the Southwest of Texas, whose name is derived from the big bend of the ‘Rio Grande‘ or ‘Rio Bravo del Norte’, as it is called by the Hispanic population. With a total length of 1,896 miles the Rio Grande is the fourth or fifth longest river system in North America, depending on how its course is measured. It springs from the Rocky Mountains and enters the Gulf of Mexico. A portion of about 1,250 miles of its entire length runs through Texas, where it feeds agricultur irrigation systems for the most part. The Big Bend Country shares its Southwestern border with Mexico. Due to this fact and its remote location it sports a long and eventful history of illegal immigration as well as in part criminally infringed trade.

    • Zeitreise in den Wilden Westen, TOURS magazine edition 4/2009, copy and photography, view and download

Special Interest Articles, Corporate Communication, Translation with Focus on Information Technology

abbé Marketing, Corporate Publishing: Contributions and articles for Microsoft Monatsspiegel, netwwwork newsletter, translations for customer websites from English to German. Below please find a non-comprehensive list of free samples for download (I have marked my contributions with a bright red rectangle; however, they’re in German):

Apple Inc., Customer Success Stories

Boinx Software, Ltd. Victor Salva, Filmregisseur, case study

BurdaYukom Publishing GmbH: Translation EPCOS China, manufacturer and distributor of electronic components

The Founders, Agentur für Werbung, Corporate Publishing, technische Texte verfassen und/oder übersetzen, u.a. für Cisco, Inc.

MACup Magazin (discontinued): Ongoing freelance assignment from 2004 through 2005 as editor (software) and again from June 2007 until end of life of the magazine as of June 2011 . Some samples (all in German):


    • MACup edition 02/2008, software test on creation and print order of user-generated photobooks, view and download
    • MACup edition 02/2008, software tutorial on creating a user-generated photo calendar, view and download


    • MACup edition 09/2007, special edition on digital photography, view and doownload
    • MACup edition 09/2007, special edition, create your own photo homepage using iWeb ’08, view and download


funktionsgruppe_3, in particular for client Mercedes AMG

    • Mercedes AMG C55
    • Mercedes AMG CLK DTM 2004
    • Mercedes AMG SL 65
    • Mercedes AMG SLK 55

Münchner Merkur: local newspaper, for the main part reports on cultural events

    • Starnberger Merkur, daily edition 02/26/2008, annual meeting volunteer firefighters Traubing, view and download
    • Starnberger Merkur, daily edition 02/25/2008, “Starnberger Jazz- und Rocknacht”, view and download
    • Starnberger Merkur, daily edition 02/18/2008, concert review on Axel Zwingenberger at Schloßberghalle Starnberg, view and download
    • Starnberger Merkur, daily edition 02/13/2008, foto club Traubing meet, view and download
    • Starnberger Merkur, daily edition 02/11/2008, “Gartenfreunde Geisenbrunn” meeting, view and download

George E. Todd, Photographer, translation of the prologue in his photo book  “Shadow Catcher” for exhibition at Galery Risse, Wessling, September 2007


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