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This website makes use of Google Analytics, a web traffic analysis tool provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics will store text files, so-called “cookies” on your computer, which enable analysis of visitors’ use of this website. The data gathered from storing this cookie are usually sent to a server at Google in the U.S. and stored and processed there. Since the owner of this website falls under the jurisdiction of a country in the European Union, including countries that are associated with the European Trade Union, your IP will be truncated by the last three digits, which will largely anonymize your IP. Only in very rare cases will this website send your full IP address to a server at Google USA, whereupon the IP will get truncated then. The owner of this website authorizes Google to use your data for analysis on use of this website, to generate reports on activity on this website as well as to offer services to the owner of this website related to using this website and the internet at large. Your IP address obtained and sent by the Google Analytics engine will not be amalgamated with other data obtained by Google Inc. If you don’t agree with this cookie being stored on your computer, please set your browser’s settings accordingly. However, in this case you may not be able to access and use the entire set of functions of this website. If you wish to opt out from this cookie being stored as well as data including your IP address being obtained, sent to and processed by Google Incl., please download and install this browser plug-in.

As of 09/29/2011 I specifically declare that I abide by the terms as set forth by Hamburg Data Security Commissioner Prof. Dr. Caspar acting on behalf of his respective counterparts in other German Bundeslaender and with regard to each individual bullet point of the updated terms of use when employing Google Analytics. I am capable and willing at any given time to give full documentation of the updated requirements as put in effect by Prof. Dr. Caspar. This includes particularly deletion of previously obtained data as well as a contract of use signed by Google Germany Ltd.


This web site uses social plugins (‘plugins’) provided by the social media platform Facebook.com, which is being made available by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (‘Facebook’). You will recognize this plugin by its Facebook logo (letter ‘f’ in white typesetting on a blue background rectangle, alternatively a iconified ‘thumbs up’ logo) or the additional caption ‘Facebook Social Plugin’. To see a list of Facebook Social Plugins and what they look like, please follow this link: http://developers.facebook.com/plugins. If you access this website, the embedded social plugin will create a direct connection with Facebook’s servers. (Servers are a type of computer collecting and storing all kinds of data that are being generated and transmitted when using the world wide web and accessing its content). The plugin generates and sends content, which is being directly sent to your browser’s software (i.e. the software by which you are accessing and reading this web page) and is being displayed as content embedded ad hoc into this web site. The entity having created this website’s content (i.e. ‘wesbound’) has no control over the social plugin’s content whatsoever, nor any direct access to it. Hence, it is adamant you familiarize yourself with the implications resulting from this in order to decide whether or not you keep browsing and possibly interacting with this webpage. In case of doubt, we courteously ask you to leave this site after reading this imprint and stop browsing or interacting with its content. Unfortunately and due to the nature of how the internet in general works, there is no way to roll back or delete any data already being sent from simply arriving here and reading this. There is no technical or any other way to accomplish this or display a prior warning, as the service, which this website is hosted on (‘wordpress.com’) doesn’t provide this functionality. Here is what happens, when you see this social plugin:

Facebook will be notified that you accessed this web page. If you are logged in to Facebook.com, i.e. if you have a personal profile there and have logged on to it, Facebook will also match your visit on this web page with your user profile on Facebook.com. If you interact with the social /Facebook plugin, like e.g. pressing the ‘like’ button or leaving a comment, this information also gets sent from your browser’s software (i.e. the software you are using right now to read this and interact with the web page) to Facebook and any other interaction will be accordingly sent to Facebook and stored there. If you don’t have a personal Facebook profile, there still is a small chance that Facebook will track and store your IP-address (i.e. a number randomly pre-selected from by your internet provider, such as a national telecommunications corporation, in order to identify your computer’s or router’s ‘identity’. Unique IP-addresses are required in order for you to be able to use the internet in general). For further information on the purpose and scope of collecting, processing and storing of such data as well as your options to disable these and adjust your privacy settings, please find Facebook’s data protection policy at http://www.facebook.com/policy.php
If you have a personal Facebook profile and wish for Facebook to refrain from collecting, processing and storing personal data (i.e. IP-address, interaction with this site, etc.), you have to log out from your personal Facebook account prior to accessing this web page in your browser software. You also have the option to generally block social plugins from collecting any of the aforementioned data by using so-called browser add-ons, like e.g. “Facebook Blocker”. (To learn about and download such a browser add-on, find this non-exclusive web site e.g.: http://webgraph.com/resources/facebookblocker/ or search for “Facebook blocker” using your web search engine of choice, e.g. Google)

General Disclaimer

This site was created using utmost care and diligence. However, any errors you may find are also generally exempt from liability given the above terms of useage and consumption.


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