Chromebook vs. Mac?

I happened upon this article on G+ today:

7 Reasons Your Church Should Stop Buying Apple Computers and Move to Chromebooks | unseminary.

While I’m reluctant as to Rich Birch’s reasoning being appliccable to creative people and content producers other than writers, I do think that he has a good point or two as far as the expense-productivity-ratio is concerned, particularly in regards to field staff, who live in the browser and on email most of the time. And ironically, it was the very company he pitches Chromebooks against that introduced the digital hub strategy as the precursor to the cloud strategy more than a decade ago. Ten years later it turns out that the late Steve Job lived up to his enigma of a visionary once again as the industry at large and Apple in particular continue to shift more and more of their data, apps and overall processing power previously residing on standalone computers to the cloud.

I think it naturally follows from above linked sources that you don’t require a Mac or other standalone PC-like device any longer to harness the power that resides in the cloud. If Rich Birch is happy using a Chromebook, fair enough. An iPad or other tablet might do just as well.